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Giving you piece of mind

We all fear what the future has lined up in the way of a nasty surprise.

Taking away every risk is impossible in business, but making some sound provision in case of a sudden emergency is sensible. Paramount among risks to be covered should be to protect the most valuable parts of the business and ensure they can be safely recovered in the event of a total failure.

Whether you are simply looking for an IT disaster recovery plan to be prepared for your business, or considering partnering with a trusted supplier that can offer a more comprehensive response, should an emergency situation occur, we are here to help.

We are happy to sit down and work through a plan that will secure your most important business functions against the risks you fear most.

As a standard part of our business support agreements, we include benefits such as free loan equipment, which can be very useful in certain situations such as key hardware failures (i.e. server, router, switch etc.), and with some clients wishing to take our bespoke service further, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Remote Offsite Backup
  • Hosted Server Environment
  • Live Replication Services
  • Failover Office Space

Please see the comments made by a business support customer who has called upon our assistance in a difficult situation, and how we responded.

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