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At Geostream we continually strive for technical excellence and to deliver a personal service, but don’t just take our word for it... 

Please find a small selection of our customers with testimonials from each justifying why you should consider partnering with us.

Please also visit our Case Studies page to see a small selection of the work we've completed.

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  • Autoglass®

    "Geostream have been working with the Belron Group since 2007 starting with our UK businesses Autoglass and Laddaw, and more recently with our corporate office Belron International.

    They have provided a number of services, from contract support & maintenance on data centre hosted environments, to playing a key role in a programme that moved two offices into a brand new build; they have even provided us an Interim Network Manager at very short notice.

    The key to our successful relationship with Geostream is that it feels like we're genuinely working in partnership and that they understand our processes, our infrastructure and our culture. Whilst Geostream are a small organisation, we've found them to be a very competent actor in a larger one."

    Giulio Tedeschi
    IT Services Manager

  • Bathstore

    "We have been very happy with the projects that Geostream have delivered, which has resulted in a long term contract.

    We look forward to our relationship in the future, as Bathstore continues to grow, it is vital we have the correct contract partners."

    Gary Favell
    CEO bathstore

  • Birley Manufacturing Ltd

    "We have recently moved from a shared IT services to being fully standalone in respect of Hardware and Support Services.

    Geostream fully project managed this split on our behalf in a Professional, Helpful and Caring manner. This has been a seamless transition for us with no downtime experienced and excellent support and advice provided by Geostream. We now have the hardware and support to match our business growth plans.

    Thanks guys for an excellent job well done! "

    Tracey Roberts
    Financial Controller

  • Bryan & Armstrong Solicitors

    "Initially looking after our old computer system hardware, Geostream have recently helped us choose a completely new software system. They identified what we needed and checked out various systems, comparing and contrasting what was on offer with each.

    They worked with the software providers, liaising between us to ensure we had an opportunity to see the system we had chosen in operation in another firm's office, before we decided to proceed. As we are on two sites they also ensured the link between the two was appropriate.

    Once we had chosen and ordered the system we wanted, Geostream arranged facilities for training on the new software at their offices prior to the go-live date. They then installed a completely new hardware and software system at our two offices over a weekend to minimise disruption to our work.

    Geostream continue to deal with any hardware problems (minimal) in a friendly and extremely efficient manner even coping with the Luddites amongst us! Often the remote access sorts out problems in minutes. They continue to liaise with the software provider on our behalf.

    I would recommend Geostream wholeheartedly."

    Sue Harrison

  • Dale Studios

    From my initial meeting with Geostream, I realised they were the right IT Support Company for us.

    From initial advice on server requirements to actual installation to continuing support and guidance – Geostream have provided us with excellent care.

    Every member of the team is cheerful and friendly as well as being properly professional and helpful. Geostream visit when they say they will visit and do exactly what they say they will do.

    I would thoroughly recommend their service and am happily continuing our working relationship with them.

    Adrian Wagemakers
    Operations Director

  • David Ashley Construction Ltd

    “We initially contacted Geostream as we were encountering numerous problems with our network and out of date software, which was four years old and unable to cope with the increase in our workload. As we do not employ IT specialists we needed a company we could trust to give an honest and cost effective solution.

    Geostream promptly visited our site and carried out a full audit on our computer systems. Their proposal was competitive and planned thoroughly to solve our short term problems first with plans for long term solutions also. They have installed Windows XP on each PC, updated our Server and installed Broadband, which has had major positive improvements instantly with minimum disruption.

    The problems we were encountering before are now a thing of the past as the system is now very stable, reliable and the speed of the computers has increased greatly. We have also found that the support contract is worth every penny as their response to problems is very efficient and the remote access has saved a lot of valuable time from our point of view.

    We would recommend Geostream with confidence to all companies.”

    Teresa Hill
    Accounts Manager

  • Doff Portland Ltd

    "Doff Portland joined Geostream 3 years ago and since then we have found them to be extremely reliable.

    The team are very helpful and friendly with quick turnarounds on a daily basis and their knowledge is excellent.

    We recently had a few issues and the response time was exceptional and they worked tirelessly to get us back up and running as quickly as possible.

    We would highly recommend them to others looking for a fast, reliable and friendly IT Support Company."

    Chris Oswin
    Finance Director

  • Firth & Scott

    "Geostream took over responsibility for Firth & Scott’s IT infrastructure in 2011 and since then we’ve found them to be co-operative and helpful and everyone is very happy with the high standard of technical knowledge and on-going support provided.

    Having inherited lots of problems from our previous support company I’m pleased to say that to their credit from day one they worked extremely hard to fix all of our little “niggles”. I’m sure they must have wondered at times what they’d taken on!!

    Earlier this year Geostream completed a new server upgrade, successfully migrating our numerous bespoke financial and insurance software packages with the minimum of fuss, system downtime or disruption to our working day in the office.

    I therefore would have no hesitation at all in recommending them to you."

    Mandy Hopkins
    IT & Marketing Manager

  • Hopkins Solicitors LLP

    "On joining the firm nearly ten years ago I discovered that the technological revolution seemed to have passed us by. The total extent of IT consisted of a UNIX system with four dumb terminals running an antiquated accounts system and two stand alone Word Processors.

    A small Novell network of four users on a single site rapidly became twelve users on two sites linked with a BT kilostream link. New sites and rapidly increasing numbers of users and systems put in piecemeal by various consultants soon led to a sprawling network that I did not have the time to support.

    Discovering Geostream proved to be the ideal solution for us. In what seems a very short time they have completely updated and streamlined our systems. They have replaced the kilostream and IDSN links with ADSL and saved us around £10,000 per year in the process.

    They upgraded our three NT servers on three separate sites to Windows 2000 over the course of a single weekend without any disruption at all. With the help of the remote access that they have installed the majority of problems now are sorted out within minutes.

    They have certainly improved our IT beyond all recognition and provide the support to keep it up to scratch."

    Jon Wilmott
    Partnership Secretary

  • Leverton UK Ltd

    "We as an organisation have very limited computer knowledge and having spent a few weeks looking at computer systems to replace our older machines, we were introduced to Geostream.

    Matthew came along and put everything into very understandable terms, he took our wish list and designed a system to suit our individual requirements, and more importantly to us he offered us the "one phone call all problems sorted" support option that we required.

    We can now get on with doing what we do best and leave the computer issues to the experts. It is for this reason that we chose to partner with Geostream for IT services."

    Marcus Leverton
    General Manager

  • Nottingham Law Centre

    "Geostream have been providing IT support services to Nottingham Law Centre for the last 24 months.

    They are very professional in their work, responding to calls and queries from us in a timely manner. Geostream staff are knowledgeable and always take time to explain more complex matters.

    Geostream are committed to ensuring that their standard of service meets their customers’ expectations and welcome feedback on their service.

    We are extremely pleased with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

    Cheryl Weston

  • Rippon Homes Ltd

    “Having used Geostream for the last 3 years for IT Support we have found them to be helpful, responsive and efficient. We don’t have to call on them very often but when we do they solve our issues very quickly, whether that be remotely or with a site visit. Their technical knowledge is second to none and they provide excellent support when needed.

    Recently we underwent a server upgrade and this was installed with minimal downtime and disruption. Geostream have also assisted us to improve our network.

    We are very happy with Geostream and the engineers are cheerful and friendly, but also professional, making it easy to work with them.”

    Steve Payne

  • Time Cash & Carry

    “We have now been dealing with Geostream for two and a half years and their service has been exemplary.

    With us being a Cash & Carry business, our working hours are very long and an ordinary 9 – 5 support solution just wouldn’t work.

    Geostream provide us with around the clock support 365 day a year. Most problems are resolved with a simple telephone call and any that aren’t are usually dealt with by the remarkable remote access facility that Geostream have configured.

    Since Geostream performed upgrades to our server and network infrastructure, problems we used to experience have disappeared meaning we only now call in an emergency.

    We would be happy to recommend them.”

    Steve Bihal

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